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My goal is to share the holistic vision in the field of Podiatry. In general terms, holistic indicates that a system and its properties are analyzed as a whole, in a global and integrated way, since from this point of view its functioning can only be understood in this way and not only as the simple sum of its parts.
The foot and its imbalances and pathologies are best understood in this way, as part of a whole. Affecting that whole from below and being affected by that whole above them.
If I were to use the analogy of the body with a car, the feet would be the analogues of the wheels. No matter how extraordinary the engine, body or transmissions, without the humble wheels it can NOT function. In the body, the feet allow us to stand, being sophisticated sensors so that we can maintain our balance and they are also the ones that allow us to move, functioning as levers for walking, running and jumping.
What seems so simple as described, in reality is tremendously complex, not only mechanically, but also concerning the circulatory and nerval systems.
I would like each blog entry to be a pause in which to observe, share and reflect on different aspects of the beautiful journey of accompanying another human being. The adventure of discovering different points of view that consider what we see, physical, and the invisible, what we feel, both parts of a whole. The goal is not only to improve the symptoms, but to direct us towards healing.
I write about Homeopathy, Reflexology, Kinesiology, Structural Integration, Emotional Liberation, among other more common things such as Biomechanics and Infectious Pathology.
I invite you to read me, and thus share that rebalancing and healing go together, and that the treatment is the final link, it is the minimum help, the little push that the system needs to flow again. From less to more, from the respect for the intelligence of Life that manifests in each one of us.



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